Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Reasons to Join CrossFit Ascension Now!

1. FREE: Your intro session is absolutely free. A skilled trainer will walk you through all of the basic movements you will see in regularly scheduled classes. Then you will get to move through our introductory conditioning workout. Our skilled trainers will custom fit your workout to your needs. Everyone is at differing levels of fitness. It doesn't matter if you're level 0 or level 100,000. Our group personal training program will take you further than you've ever been. All it takes is one click below to get started!
Step One

2. COMMUNITY: Crossfit Ascension is my 'Happy Place.' I feel good about myself when I'm there. It has a family atmosphere where everyone is so supportive of each other. The trainers are the BEST!!!  Sandy Smith.

The CrossFit Ascension community is the backbone of our business establishment. There is a sense of camradery gained from training together that cannot be matched. Our members make what could be a rather intimidating atmosphere warm and inviting. Come on in and make some new friends!

3. WEIGHT LOSS: The number one reason most people try us out is because they want to lose weight. What they really mean is that they want to live longer, healthier, happier and more active lifestyles. Adding the CrossFit Ascension brand of group personal training to your lifestyle is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to health and wellness.

4. ENERGY: Our conditioning workouts are second to none in their effectiveness and safety. You will have a coach watching you at all times with our small group personal training setting. Rest assured we will keep you safe and motivated at all times.

5. STRENGTH: I look so forward to the days I go to
Crossfit Ascension. I have to say how refreshing it is that everyone knows your name and encourages you along the way, no matter what fitness level you are at! I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could be, thanks Crossfit Ascension! Deanna Seager.

You won't find any bodybuilders here. You will find that we are all weightlifters however. Bodybuilders focus on size, they don't care about strength. Weightlifters focus on strength, they do not care about size. Through expert coaching on gymnastics and weightlifting you will gain control over a higher percentage of your skeletal muscle than ever before. This will make you lean, tone, and best of all strong.

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